Workshop: Applying to grad schools

We will talk about what you can do now to maximize your number of admission acceptance letters. Topics to be discussed will include:

  • Selecting where to apply
  • How financial aid is awarded at the graduate level
  • What matters to admissions committees–and what doesn’t
  • Who to ask for letters of recommendation, and how to make it easy for them to write them for you

Software engineering workshop: source control

For this week’s software engineering workshop, XX will teach us how to use source control software. This kind of software is intended to help you avoid situations where you break your code and cannot get it to run again, as well as to help you work collaboratively. Being able to use source control software is one of the most useful skills in software engineering–come to the workshop to learn how to do it! XXX o’clock in Room XXX.

Writing workshop: choosing citations

For this week’s writing workshop, we will talk about general principles for choosing citations. There are a LOT of publications out there, and figuring out which ones you should be citing out of the many alternatives can be daunting. But, there are some general principles that you can apply in doing so; we will talk about them, and then apply those principles as a group.

Weekend plans: Baseball

Baseball is the prototypical American sport, and summertime is baseball season! Meet your fellow interns and summer hosts at XXX to travel together to the ballpark. Eat pretzels (this is Philadelphia!) and hotdogs, drink beer (if you’re old enough), and do NOT cheer for anyone but the Phillies!