Second week at Penn: Annotation and significance arguments

We started this week by meeting our team leaders. They assigned us background readings on the broad topic of our projects–and then made us explain them. We had a lecture from Dr. Gonzalez on how to define a research project that will have some significance in the world, and then a practicum on how to demonstrate the significance of that project. Karen continued our annotation lessons, Arjun talked to us about geolocalization, Davy gave us a lecture on computer science, and Kevin gave a presentation on environmental monitoring. We are now producing data–it’s so nice to see concrete outcomes already!


Our first week at Penn

It’s been a great first week in the Health Language Processing lab’s 2019 summer internship program! Four enthusiastic undergrads from Arizona State University joined us on Monday and jumped right into the program. So far we’ve had seminars on biomedical informatics and on language, plus intensive training in annotation of linguistic data about health. Today we had speakers on the topic of how social media data can be connected to electronic health records to do things like early automatic detection of worsening medical conditions, and on toxicovigilance using Twitter. That last talk got us excited about layman use of Narcan to save lives. Looking forward to next week, when we’ll be doing a lot of annotation and doing some background reading to help us understand the public health context of our projects!